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Plastic packaging

Our plastic packaging is made of high quality material, which ensures their endurance for mechanical and environmental conditions. They are good-looking solution and available in many colours.

In the rich assortment of our products you will find many different packaging solutions for your needs. Depending on the needs of our clients this packing can carry one or two disks. In our actual offer there are: Jewel Box 1/2 CD, Super Jewel Box 1/2 CD, Slim Box 1 CD, Multibox 4CD, Super Jewel Box 1/2 DVD, Slim Box 1 DVD, Box 1/2 DVD – 14 mm, Box 3/4 DVD – 24 mm.

Our clients have a possibility to choose the colour of the tray and the size of the boxes, e.g. slim boxes. The products we offer are stylish, solid and are of an attractive price