Authoring is the process in which we prepare interactive DVD disk menu. In particular production stages, animated or static layout is created and the following elements are added: sound tracks, lector tracks (if needed) and finally subtitles in appropriate language versions. However, the main aim of authoring is matching it altogether. The material prepared in such a way is forwarded to the next production stages where our workers take special care to manufacture a final product which we believe be a part of your private DVD collection.

Authoring stages:
- graphic project of menu (static or animated),
- image conversion to format MPEG-2,
- sound compression to the appropriate format (e.g. DTS, DTS-ES, DD)
- matching all project elements altogether,
- creating a master, in accordance with DVD-Video specification.
We prepare all the projects in modern work units (either PC or MAC) based on professional Sonic software, which specialises in releasing the highest world-class authoring devices. This, together with our excellent sound system, let us make excellent productions in terms of either visual or sound effects. Materials for disk production can be provided on any existing video medium (mainly BETACAM, DV, MiniDV, DVD, VHS)

As far as re-auhoring is concerned, this is the process used when a client wants to make changes in already existing DVD-VIDEO material but he has the project closed and its edition is not possible. During re-authoring we can change menu design (particular elements or the whole), sound tracks, lector tracks or already existing subtitles.