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Non-standard disks

Business Card CD - is a multimedia form of a Business Card recorded on a Mini CD and resembles traditional paper business card. The capacity of it is 120 MB and can be played in any CD-ROM reading device. The bottom part of a Business Card is designed in such a way that it perfectly fits in the hollow part of CD-ROM drive. After putting the Business Card to the drive, it automatically opens in an appropriate program and presents the company by means of a previously recorded material. It may store enough data so as your client is able to see the whole company offer. Mini CD disk may be also used as a marketing gadget, entrance or invitation card. For example, it may contain multimedia or interactive presentations, photos, texts, sound tracks, computer programmes, animation made in Flash technology, 3D animation, contact website + portfolio, electronic product catalogues or a dynamic website connection.

Mini CD (80mm) – is a compact disk with the diameter of 80mm. In some countries it is called Maxi CD. Its advantage is miniaturization which let us pack such a disk into a smaller case. It is much lighter and smaller than a standard disk which has the diameter of 12 cm. Mini CD is capable of storing 22 minutes of music or about 200 MB of data (much enough to record e.g. drivers to a given device). Mini CD format is ideal for data, text, audio, video and photography, and also for promotion, projects’ advertisements and many others.