CD, DVD disks pressing

We put all our efforts to meet each client’s requirement, and that is why we constantly invest in our machinery. We possess machines of the highest quality to manufacturing and packing process as well as a professional team of engineers who take care of proper functioning of our machines.

We are the only Polish company who possesses machines to DVHD manufacturing. These disks, thanks to their elasticity and lower production cost, constitute a very attractive alternative for DVD disks. More about this format you can find in the section: DVHD.

Description of disk manufacturing process. Nowadays- polycarbonate is the material which is used in compact disk production. Firstly, the material for disk is dried in the temperature of 125 Celsius. This way we receive a transparent disk which is cooled down and (in metallization) receives an aluminium layer.

The whole process takes places in a vanity area with the use of argon. Metallized surface is evenly covered by special protective lacquer in the machine of high rotation speed. Ultraviolet lamp makes the lacquer hard. In the last stage, special optical device controls the quality of a disk determining its usefulness and eliminating worthless remains. All disk manufacturing process lasts from 3 to 4 seconds. Moreover, better and better quality control technology allows for lossless production process.

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