Who we are?

BAK company was set up in 1989. Soon it became one of the most influential VHS tapes manufacturers working for the biggest distributors. After many years of magnetic tapes production the company faced new challenges. In 2006 the first lines for CD and DVD productions were introduced and after just a few months the company made a decision to start research on new optical media format and its introduction to the market under the name of DVHD disk.

Today, we can state with proud that the company has gained many years of experience in the field of CD, DVD and DVHD manufacturing process.

Along with the production of optical media we have also developed our capacities in the field of offset and screen printing as well as cardboard packaging matters. This way we became a leader in digipacks and unipacks production.

Our company can praise of modern machinery, thanks to which we are able to provide comprehensive service at each production stage.

In our offer you will find a wide range of products starting from regular plastic cases through cardboard and paper boxes to digipacks and unipacks and finally non standard formats. The variety of different packaging templates is sth whaich we constantly develop due to the fact of cooperating with one of the greatest printing company in Poland that specilises in polygraphy and new products design.

For our position in the market we earned not only by developing the variety of our products but only by fair and responsible attitude to a client and fast order realisation time of all products. Thanks to technology, experience and care for the final effect our product is either of perfect quality and competitive price.

We work for individual and wholesale clients, domestic and foreign companies, record companies, publishers, marketing agencies, high schools, film producents and distributors and any other places of business you can think of.

Each order we treat individually advising the solutions which meet our clients’ expectations and requirements. Sth which characterizes all our products in their quality and endurance in different environment conditions.

Each our employee has been specifically prepared to provide you with professional advice and assistance.

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