Optical Media Replication
CD/DVD pressing and packaging services

BAK company is a professional replicating company witch many years of experience in the market. For years we have acquired much knowledge and become technologically advanced so as now we can provide services at the highest level, the spectrum of which, inluding authoring, reauthoring, premastering, mastering and CD, DVD and DVHD replication meets the expectations of the most demanding clients. We are a leader in the field of optical media packaging i.e. digipacks, unipacks and multipacks. The utmost quality of our products is sth which we achieve thanks to the newest machinery and innovation. CD, DVD replication, printing on the disks, graphic studio services, packaging and logistics are the fields where we can help you. We are sure that the quality of replication and other services are sth which can persuade you. We cordially invite you to cooperation with us- the only so versatile disc and packaging producer.


What we do?

To meet our clients’ expectation we offer professional service at each production stage: authoring, re-authoring, pre-mastering,


Who we are?

BAK company was set up in 1989. Soon it became one of the most influential VHS tapes manufacturers working for the biggest



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